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Personalised Photo Lantern Night light Lamp Memorial Lamp Solar Garden Light


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4 sides of this lamp can be personalized. You can choose how many pieces to upload photo and choose a design for every remain piece.
Photo Sides:
Choose a design for the remain 3 piece(s):
Remain piece(s):
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Unique lantern design, high brightness, long life of the LED bulb, up to 20,000 hours, intelligent sensory control, when the solar panel senses the light, the light is automatically extinguished; when the light drops to a certain level, the light will automatically become bright; On the one hand, it will absorb sunlight during the day to store electrical energy, and automatically turn on the lights in the dark, which is particularly convenient. There is a built-in hook on the back, which can be hung on the wall. Four images are needed to make these lanterns. They're a perfect wedding, birthday, anniversary and Valentine's gift and they're also a wonderful idea to have in memory of a loved one who has passed or even of a family pet. Say goodbye to decorations, etc. Waterproof, sun-proof, wind-proof, snow-proof, and can be used all year round. 

Process: mist spray paint
Lamp body material: ABS plastic
Shade material: PC acrylic
Light source type: LED
Appearance: Lantern
Charging method: solar energy storage
Working mode: light control
Working time: 5-10 hours at full power
Light source color: warm light
Colour: Black       Size:11*11*14.5CM